February 11, 2013

Cesarean Courage

I recently read an article posted by a friend on Facebook entitled "Cesarean Courage".  I was intrigued, since I had both of my babies via c-section.  You can view that article here.  Here's why it hit home with me:

When I was around 35 weeks pregnant with V, I was measuring about 4 weeks ahead, and had an ultrasound which revealed that his size was measuring in the 90th percentile.  He was likely going to be a BIG baby.  My OB/GYN thought that it was quite possible that I would have trouble delivering him, and could end up with a c-section.  Our desire to avoid a situation where we could end up in an emergency c-section, or where mine or the baby's health would be compromised in any way - combined with the fact that my sister-in-law had just had a very scary birth experience because of a big baby - prompted Justin and I, along with my wonderful doctor, to schedule a c-section. 

We were more than comfortable with our decision.  A little part of me felt like I was "cheating" the system, or like labor and delivery was a right of passage that I was never going to experience.  But nevertheless, I was happy and confident with our decision.  And then the comments started coming.  I found out that when you're pregnant, and when you make decisions like this, people not only have opinions, but they feel compelled to tell you about it.  We had full support from our families, but I heard all kinds of negativity and opposition from others.  It baffles me that people would want to criticize and discourage me for choosing to undergo major surgery to ensure that we had a safe birth experience.

So, a few weeks after our "controversial" decision was made, I safely and happily delivered V via cesarean, and delivered A the same way 21 months later.  Have I ever experienced labor and delivery and all that goes with it?  No.  But I did endure all that goes along with a c-section, and got two of the greatest gifts I've ever been blessed with.  It may not be how I originally thought the births of my babies would go, but that's ok. 

I promise the writer of the article is much more eloquent than me, so I encourage to read her writing.

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