February 27, 2013

Fried Fish, Cheesy Corn, & Green Beans

Last night I was planning a simple, low maintenance meal.  I was making the kids and I something unhealthy, so I was going to bake some tilapia for Justin, as I often do because of his paleo diet.  When I mentioned my supper plans to him, he asked if I would fry the fish.  So that sent my plan into a whole new direction.  I'm not a big fish fan, but I will eat it fried.  :)  I decided that we'd all eat fried fish, and I'd throw together a couple of veggies to go with it.  (Ideally, I'd whip up some jalapeno hushpuppies or something, but it was getting very close to supper time at this point, so I had to go with quick and easy.)  Justin mentioned that corn with some kind of cheesiness sounded good, so I went with it.  And here's what we ended up with:

Fried tilapia: I keep those individually frozen pieces of tilapia in my freezer most of the time, so I pulled a few of those out and thawed them.  I breaded them with this yummy goodness:
I didn't add any additional seasoning because I hadn't used this kind before.  It was good, but we like things spicy, so I think next time, I'll put a little hot sauce on the fish before breading them.  Here's the finished product:
Cheesy Corn: I also keep a lot of frozen veggies on hand to make it easy to go for in a moment's notice.  I combined some frozen corn with a few chunks of Velveeta, some butter, a splash of heavy cream, and some salt and pepper and heated it, covered, in the microwave for 1-2 minutes at a time until done, stirring in between.  Here's that yummy goodness:

Green Beans: I usually have frozen green beans on hand as well, so I dumped some of those in a pot on the stove with a tiny bit of water, quite a bit of butter, a beef bouillon cube, and some seasonings: pepper, garlic salt, all purpose Greek seasoning (if you don't have this in your kitchen, get some - it's awesome!), and Creole seasoning.  You really can't go wrong here, this is just what my husband prefers.  (I'm too picky to eat green beans.)  And I forgot to take a picture of the very exciting green beans, so you'll just have to imagine.  :)

This is the kind of thing that happens in my kitchen on a night when I don't plan very well, when one of us changes our mind about what sounds good, or when I just don't feel like doing up a whole big recipe.  Hope you enjoyed this anyway!

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