February 13, 2013

Kiddie Valentines

V is in a the 2-year-old class at a church Mother's Day Out two days a week, and is having a little Valentine party tomorrow at school.  I thought I'd share our valentines for his friends, which happen to be non-candy, non-food, which isn't like me at all, but kind of refreshing.  :)

I found this idea for heart-shaped crayons on Pinterest and have had it pinned to my Valentine's Day board for a while.  Here's the original link. Here's my instructions:

Take some old, broken, paper-peeled-off crayons and chop them into small pieces (I used some of every color).  Put pieces into heart-shaped silicon mold.  Mine was an ice cube tray, so the crayons were pretty small, but of course you could use muffin tins or whatever.  I kind of think that you could put them into a shallow pan and then use a cookie cutter, but don't take my word for it!

Put the silicon mold onto a cookie sheet and bake at 230 degrees for approximately 15 minutes. Let set and pop them out!  Have fun!

Finished crayons

Card I attached to treat bag
Treat bag with 2 crayons for each child

If you have some fun valentine ideas for kiddos, I'd love for you to leave them or a link to them in the comments below.  Happy Valentine's Day!

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  1. I wish I would have thought to make these for my class. Maybe I'll remember next year!