February 23, 2013

Pioneer Woman Cornbread

Today at the Hightower Homestead, Justin and a couple of his buddies have been working hard outside putting up a new fence.  So I decided they needed a good, hearty lunch: chili and cornbread.  My favorite recipe for cornbread is from the fabulous Pioneer Woman. I may be a little bit obsessed with her.  I love reading her blog, I've read her wonderful book, own her cookbook, and watch her show on the Food Network every Saturday.  I've made several of her recipes and they're all delicious!

Her cornbread recipe is no exception, and she does such a good job of explaining each step with wonderful pictures (which I forgot to take of my own cornbread) that I'm not even going to post the recipe on here, I'll just link you up to her version.  I do mine exactly the same, except I don't use a cast iron skillet like she does.  I pour my batter into a greased pie plate and bake just like in her recipe.

Hope you enjoy Pioneer Woman's cornbread!

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