June 22, 2013

Echo Canyon Spa Resort

Back in '07, as my brand-new hubby and I left our wedding, we headed off to our short, weekend honeymoon (he was starting a new job on the Monday after our wedding).  This sweet man had planned everything and kept it a secret from me, so I had no idea where we were going.  We soon arrived at Echo Canyon Spa Resort, tucked away in the country in Sulphur, OK.

Photo from echocanyonmanor.com

We loved it so much that we made a decision that year that we would make every effort to return for every anniversary!  So far we have done it!  We have spent a weekend at Echo Canyon to celebrate all six of our wedding anniversaries, with the most recent trip being just a few weeks ago.  We haven't always gone on our actual anniversary - having babies tends to change plans :) - but we've made it there every year!  It's just one of my favorite places on earth.  The second we arrive I'm immediately swept up in the same feeling I had 6 years ago as a new bride.  This place allows us to escape a bit of reality, relax, enjoy great food, and just be together.  I want everyone to know about it because we just love it that much!

They offer a variety of rooms, some which include jacuzzi tubs in the rooms.  They include a super-yummy two-course breakfast (one course is pictured below - I'm very unhappy with myself that I forgot to take a picture of the second plate when we were just there!).  You can pay to eat dinner in their restaurant, which is amazing and delicious, and includes a yummy fruit drink made from fruits from their own orchards.  There is also a spa on site, which offers all kinds of things.  We've done the couples' massage and LOVED it. 

So, if you're ever looking for a romantic little getaway, I highly recommend Echo Canyon.  It's our favorite!  Below are some pictures from our most recent trip.  Enjoy!

This is the room, "William's Wonderland", where we stay every year

First course of breakfast - I chose French toast to go with my fruit

Dinner: grilled duck, filet mignon, halibut, twice baked potato, asparagus

The best cheesecake I've ever had.  Seriously.

Delicious hibiscus drink

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