October 15, 2014

Reviving the Blog

So...you may or may not have noticed, but I have been missing from the blog for over a year!  Crazy!  But I think I have a decent reason for it...Shortly after my last blog post in August last year, we received the greatest surprise when we found out that we were pregnant with Baby #3!  Soon after the exciting news, the pregnancy began to take its toll on me.  I was blessed to have a healthy pregnancy, but it was my toughest: I was exhausted beyond comprehension, quickly became very uncomfortable, and remained that way until I recovered from my c-section.  So, blogging was just something I didn't have the time or the energy for.  Life seems to have been a little crazy, but now that sweet baby is 5 months old, and I decided it was finally time to get back into it!  So here's a recap of everything you've missed since the last post (if you've really been wondering :)).

  • Baby #3: As I said, we found out in September that we were expecting another baby, and our third child, a precious baby girl (H), was born in May.  She is a blessing to our family, and I cannot imagine life without her!
  • Homeschooling: We've had a major shift in our family dynamic and plans for the future...deciding to homeschool our kiddos!  We never originally planned on it, but about a year ago, God started laying it on our hearts to make this change, and we took a leap of faith to follow His calling for our family.  We started homeschooling our oldest (V), who is in Pre-K this year, and we are loving the journey!  I'm sure I'll be writing many blog posts on homeschooling in the future!
  • Birthdays: I love throwing my kids' birthday parties, and I hope to blog those in more detail going forward.  Since I last blogged, A turned 2 with a Minnie Mouse themed party, and V turned 4 with a campout themed party.  I also celebrated my last birthday of my twenties :(.  I'm not particularly looking forward to turning the big 3-0 next year, but I guess I will survive!
  • Gardening: We grew our first garden this year!  And when I say we, I mean the hubster. :)  I was 9 months pregnant when he planted, and recovering from a c-section for the first part of the season, so he did the work.  It was so much fun to have fresh produce coming into the house from right outside, and I had fun with a couple of new recipes, which I'll be sharing with y'all.  We learned a lot, and plan to expand our garden by a little every year.
  • Diet/Exercise: Since having H, I've been working on losing the baby weight, plus some.  It's not much fun, but I'm making progress slowly but surely.  I've been trying lots of new recipes in my attempt to eat not only healthier foods, but also a low carb diet.  I'm looking forward to sharing some of these recipes with y'all!  I've also been attempting to exercise regularly, mostly doing kettlebell exercises (which I hate) and yoga (which I love). 
So there's my last year in a very small nutshell!  I hope if you were following my blog before, that you'll come back!  And if you're new, welcome!  I hope you enjoy my recipes and random postings of what's happening at Hightower Homestead!

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